Interview with our chairman

In this interview Antonio Velardo and Jordan De Los Santos talk about the Dominican Market’s opportunities for investment growth, some hotel industry insights and Real Capital Caribe’s competitive advantage.

Antonio Velardo

Antonio Velardo has 15+ years of experience as a real estate entrepreneur, business angel and venture capitalist. Traveling the world seeking for business opportunities and cultural growth, in this process founded several successful companies.

Currently Chairman of Real Capital Caribe, American Wise Investment and the President of Real Capital Ventures. These investments groups at the same time have several companies from real estate and construction management to finance services. Compromised with ideas and guidance that always represent an added and differential value to the market.

His love for studying has become one of the keys for his success. He holds a FAA Commercial Licence IFR Multi-engine, a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Master of Arts – MA in Mass Communication and Social Media and had coursed several studies in finance, marketing, data science, technology such as blockchain, among others.

Jordan de los Santos

Jordan De Los Santos is a Dominican economist founder and chief adviser of Corporación Financiera Integral CFI, an advisory entity specializing in treasury and portfolio management for companies in the regulated financial sector, such as Banks, Investment and Pension Funds, and Stock Exchange brokers.

Prior to founding CFI, Jordan worked for more than eight years in treasury functions such as Trader and Head Trader for top industry institutions in the Dominican financial sector, including: AFP Siembra, Banco de Reservas and Inversiones & Reservas Puesto de Bolsa, companies where he could develop his knowledge in market analysis, fixed income negotiation, investment strategies, creation of new financial products and managing investment portfolios of up to $ 300 million dollars.