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Given the current uncertainty in today’s global economy, investors are constantly seeking stable and profitable returns; our organization has created an exciting opportunity to accomplish both objectives through real estate investing. Real Capital Caribe is an international group of professionals, experts in real estate assessments.

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Our goal is to preserve and defend your capital.

We have been providing services for the identification and development of real estate investments opportunities in the world for 15 years. We seek in this briefing material, to address all the questions you may have about your next investment opportunity with us.

Real Caribe is a division of International investment group Real Capital Ventures, which has regional offices in Dubai and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. The company’s real estate experience in several other booming American and Latin American markets —the group has undertaken residential investment projects in Panamá, Colombia, and Uruguay— was a boom for the selection of a prime investment spot within the Santo Domingo luxury residential landscape.

At the moment, Real Capital Ventures is running a 50-million dollar investment catalog that includes the creation of apart-hotel and full-service residential units with strong cash flow. Within this multi-country investment strategy, the Dominican projects present the largest yield.

Investment opportunities with Real Capital Ventures offer above-market returns for wealth managers, asset managers, and corporate investors. The projects are able to generate high returns with a low-risk factor by providing below-market real estate investment opportunities below market value. Based on their experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, Real Capital Ventures research stellar growth markets and then structure high-yield opportunities based on that analysis. As a result, they are able to provide clients with the opportunity to maximize profits and enjoy minimized risk.

Our companies in United States

Our companies in the Caribbean

Our first condo hotel project in the Dom. Rep. Located in the center premium area of the city.

Cobartax Group is our construction management company in charge of Central Suites

Our 2nd condo hotel project in the Dom. Rep. With a more luxury concept, also located in the center premium area of the city

A financial company with a straight forward solution providing loans for business, developers or individual that have real estate or business as a collateral

Lyris is our group of companies that provide construction solutions to build any type of real estate project

Our construction material supplier company, providing scalfolding and other services