Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator. Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless our potential for growth is. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.



Antonio Naddeo

Antonio Naddeo is dedicated to protecting clients’ principal investments, preserving capital while securing a steady flow of income in each and every case.

Transparency and simplicity in investing are of great importance to him, so since 2014 Antonio has been calling on his considerable banking experience, a wide range of connections and fresh business model to successfully manage Real Capital Ventures. His company deals exclusively with tangible assets and does not engage with derivatives and similar financial instruments.

With tangible assets, potential risks and benefits are inherently more clear to clients and by investing this way, Antonio is pleased to add more peace of mind to their portfolios.

Darren Berry

Sales Director

Sales Director Darren Berry has gained 25 years of professional sales and marketing experience in real estate, specializing in emerging markets, investment and development projects on 4 continents.

Darren has worked alongside several flagship developers and branded hotel groups in the Philippines, Costa Rica, Cape Verde, Italy and Spain, combining substantial knowledge with enthusiasm and a sustained customer focus.

He consistently meets and exceeds targets in ever more competitive theaters worldwide and takes pride in providing clients with the honest, up to date and reliable information that they need to make the best-informed decisions. He takes great satisfaction from working to the benefit of each new client and always keeps their best interests at heart.

He enjoys being part of this great team but won’t be drawn into baseball discussions with David. He knows he’s a better player.


David Gomez

Engineering Professional

David Gomez is an experienced engineering professional with a Master’s Degree in Construction Management. He brings with him over 10 years of accumulated knowledge gained on infrastructure works such as housing, ports, and electrical substations; along with commercial buildings, institutional buildings, banks, hospitals, and restaurants.

David has been actively engaged in the entire lifecycle of projects, some with budgets as high as $190 million. During his involvement, he has delivered innovative solutions and ideas that have frequently contributed to significant organizational growth. He possesses a firm understanding of how to apply continuous improvement tools and methodologies with a view to optimizing a company’s operation.

David’s project management oriented, an individual and team worker driven by the highest ethical standards and a desire to deliver on time, within budget and to quality measures.

He is thankful to work with such a range of talent on the Real Caribe team but he still believes that he can hit a baseball further than all the rest of them.

Agnes Toledo

Content Writer and Marketing Manager

She is a Writer and a Marketing Strategist. It means that, with a few words, she could even save your marriage! But if you are looking for a powerful business in different social networks, with a meticulous financial analysis; let’s say, a pet food online store, Agnes is your choice! She is Finance Analyst and Social Media Specialist. Her love for business, animals, and people defines her as a multifaceted person with the highest human and intellectual qualities as well as wide work and commitment capacities. With a degree in Law and Nursing, she protects the rights for a fair and dignified care. She has taken several short-term business courses. But the best of all, to be honest, are all the children she has! Yes, many. Dozens! Believe it! Pretty kids from the school she owns, plus her six dogs, and still she has dedicated more than a decade of her life teaching in college.


Ricardo Alberto Francisco Feliz

Site Engineer

Ricardo Alberto Francisco Feliz graduated from the Dominican University O&M.

He’s gathered extensive government-related work experience in the Dominican Republic’s Pedernales province as an assistant resident engineer and supervisor.

He currently holds the position of store manager in the Central Park Tower project and will soon add a Master’s Degree in Construction Management to his list of achievements.

He loves working with such great teammates but wishes they’d just leave out all the sports discussions.

OUR TEAM December 8, 2017


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