Get a Second Passport by Investing in Real Estate in the Dominican Republic

Get a Second Passport by Investing in Real Estate in the Dominican Republic

Spreading your investments beyond one jurisdiction is the best way to protect and grow your nest egg and you can do this by obtaining a second passport in the Dominican Republic.

With an investment of US$200,000 in a local financial instrument like a residential property in Santo Domingo, you can qualify for a second passport. That means you can enjoy a stable stream of passive income and the benefits that go with it. What’s more, you don’t have to give up your citizenship when you establish residency in the country, either as a resident or as a citizen. In short, you can enjoy some benefits not available for foreigners, especially in the area of banking, investing, traveling and establishing a residency. The same thing applies to rentistas or foreigners receiving at least $2,000 fixed monthly income from a foreign source, such as real estate transactions in the Dominican Republic, provided that the principal amount was generated or earned overseas.


Internationalization opportunities

Offshore investing allows you to capitalize on the advantages available outside your home country such as tax incentives, asset protection and complimentary benefit of banking confidentiality.  At the same time, a second passport introduces you to the vast options of internationalization for your investments that are available only for Dominicans. This means you can continuously receive your social security payments, open local financial accounts and enjoy visa-free travel anytime (yes, cheaper travel cost). You can literally diversify your life, by making the Dominican Republic your second home!


Enjoy a fully diversified portfolio

It is a common knowledge that regulations may restrict foreign investment opportunities and such restriction can limit the diversification of your investment portfolio. But, a second passport gives investors unlimited access to local and international markets and to all other exchanges available. On top of that, there are lots of opportunities in the Dominican Republic, especially in the real estate sector because of its large consumer market.


Diversify your life!

Having the right to invest, work and live in a country other than your own offers great advantages because you never know where life will lead you several years from now. Think of the bigger picture; the Dominican Republic is a great place to start a family, or to spend your golden years because of its friendly people, low-cost health care, and education, and breathtaking tourist spots!


Where to Invest

The Dominican Republic is known for its fairly secure investment opportunities both to foreign and local investors.  Still, like any other investment, choosing a reputable investment firm is a critical factor in protecting your money. Consulting reputable investment advisor, like our experts in Real Caribe, is a good idea. So, if you are looking to grow and protect your assets, we offer below-market-value investment opportunities with high returns and low-risk factors.

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Our team of experts seriously analyze market trends and investment opportunities and provide exceptional investment options to our clients. Besides, our clients are entrusting their investments to a company with over 30 years of experience in real estate, investment, banking, and finance. We buy luxury high-rise properties in areas with a flourishing economy and surging demand for housing, and strictly screen and select our tenants to minimize investment risk. We also provide a high level of upkeep and maintenance for your investment properties.

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