Central Park Progress

Central Park Progress

Our Central Park Tower project is coming along nicely!  While construction in many regions of the United States has been halted due to unseasonably cold weather, our nine-story, 42-unit apartment building continues to advance and get one step closer to completion.  Just one more reason why investing in the Dominican Republic is a great idea–not only will you get a great return on your investment, but the beautiful weather and tropical climate add to the appeal of the property, for both tenants and investors alike!

Be sure to check back soon as we will continue to post updates and progress notes on our projects here.




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Real Caribe is a division of International investment group Real Capital Ventures, which has regional offices in Dubai and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. The company’s real estate experience in several other booming American and Latin American markets —the group has undertaken residential investment projects in Panamá, Colombia and...