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NAG Designs © (Nagy Architects Group Designs) is an architectural design studio uses conventional and computational design methodologies to get design problems solved. They are specialized in producing high-end architectural designs, exteriors, and interiors, and producing neat, photo-realistic and high-quality visualizations.

NAG Designs © was engaged to redesign and re-innovate exterior design and its visualization of our latest project (Central Suite Hotel), located in the Southwest, the most famous and trendy district of the Capital of the Dominican Republic.

Muhammad Nagy, Founder & Chief Designer at NAG Designs, said, “A distinct building location in the heart of Santo Domingo inspired us to do a minimalistic, hyper modern retouching for the building skin, to make it looks more impressive, more dynamic, Eco friendly and more economic along its execution phases. A unique building look among neighbors and to be suitable and attractive enough for people to enjoy their holidays was our top target”

He added, “We all, at NAG Designs, really enjoyed the work progress with Real Caribe, one of the highly committed and organized real estate clients we dealt with”.


ABOUT NAG DESIGNS January 2, 2017


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Real Caribe is a division of International investment group Real Capital Ventures, which has regional offices in Dubai and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. The company’s real estate experience in several other booming American and Latin American markets —the group has undertaken residential investment projects in Panamá, Colombia and...